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Double chest slots

double chest slots

The Diamond Chest has slots. It does not link with other chests to make a double chest. Place the most useful items in the slots you can quickly access. 6. Putting 2 chests next to each other makes a double chest, holding twice as many slots, or 54. A double chest can hold up to 54 stacks of items or blocks meaning a double chest this will move all items in the slot to a free slot in the inventory or vise versa.


Minecraft - Stacking Chests I'm creating MineClone 2a Minecraft clone for Minetest. Mon Sep 24, This site is a part of Curse, Inc. In a large chest, the top three rows in the interface correspond to the western or northern chest block and the bottom three to the southern or eastern chest block. Join us and get your 1. Explore Wikis Community Central Fandom University. Euro roulette Chests can be found naturally in every single generated structure in the game exept Desert Wells and Which Huts. double chest slots


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